The initial phase of this assignment was to conceptualise and devise a master plan for a tourist development that would fit into the area. The main objective was that it should be highly beneficial, becoming a top destination internationally.

As an architectural development, the goal was to endow it with unique appeal while echoing the architectural elements of the region, enhancing its uniqueness by opposing the pretentious developments of the time, whilst driving innovation in the use of space and keeping with the spirit of local architectural styles.

“Seminal and life experiences shape the architect’s creative spirit. It is essential to understand the reasons behind these feelings as experience for the development of future performance.”

The long corridor of time occupied by this urban development has fostered a continuous reflection on the solutions adopted based on everyday experience, and new drafts of the blueprint were developed as a result of this analysis, allowing continuous modifications to suit the users’ needs.

A course of action was determined from the aesthetic elements that give coherence to the whole and aspects of the utilization of spaces were reworked at the time of development.

The success of this formula is proven by the fact that now, in its mature stage, this project continues to serve as a worldwide architectural benchmark.

  • Category: Urbanismo
  • Location: España
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