Our participation in this project for a tourist development around a golf course involved designing and implementing plans for detached and semi detached houses and apartments that are part of what is now Las Colinas Golf & Country Club.

Two types of detached houses and two types of semi detached houses were planned, which were built in blocks respecting the environment and the unevenness of the land, minimizing visual impact and ensuring a sound relationship between architecture and nature.

The apartments were designed following the same architectural style as the houses, contributing to the visual unity of the complex. The blocks were created with a great deal of movement in both the facade elevations and the heights, yielding a harmonious look with pleasing proportions.

“In the journey from the abstract notion to the final idea and its realization, an intimate relationship is forged between the architectural project and the culture, landscape, style and lives of those who inhabit it.”

  • Category: Urbanismo
  • Location: España
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