M-14 (14)

This first project was executed in the urban development of Aldea Real, in Puerto Real (Cádiz). It consists of 35 dwellings in a complex consisting of 23 houses and twelve apartments.

The 23 houses, with three bedrooms each, are arranged in a U shape, all with views over a large green area, creating a large central space where the apartments and communal areas are situated. This positioning means that the dwellings embrace the central space, where the architectural landscape has been developed in exquisite detail, fundamental to integration and consistency throughout the complex. The twelve two bedroom apartments face the golf course without interfering with the views from the other residences, resulting in a sense of spaciousness and visual depth from each home.

M-29 (15)

This complex of 51 homes is set in block 29 of the Aldea Real urban development, in Puerto Real, Cádiz. On a plot measuring 16,649.55 m2, this complex is divided into 35 townhouses and 16 apartments. The elongated layout of the plot, running parallel to the golf course, was pivotal in planning the positioning of the homes.

The townhouses are located in the southern part of the plot, creating a strip of three buildings. The two units at the side rotate and turn towards the golf course, creating a large central area which houses the apartments and gardens with a communal pool at the edge of the golf course. The complex has been shaped with a great deal of movement and a high degree of visual and spatial integration is achieved through the architectural volumes.

M-2 and 3 (16)

This plot at Villanueva Golf in Puerto Real, Cádiz was designated for the construction of singlefamily houses, which would be reached by roads surrounding the plot. The plan was for six villas and twelve semidetached villas. To avoid the obstruction of views and vehicular access from the roads in the development, we designed a central private road with a single entrance and exit point for all of the homes, creating a closed residential complex. This avoided excessive opening onto the roads and allowed better views from all the homes, as well as avoiding them facing one another and the access road going through the main gardens.

This design provides a high degree of privacy and exclusivity by placing all the homes in an enclosed area. The villas, each measuring 231 m2, have two floors. There are three rooms on the ground floor, with two bathrooms and a room for domestic staff, as well as a kitchen, laundry room, living room and a toilet. The semidetached villas, each measuring 153 m2, have two floors. The ground floor has one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and living dining room. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms, two of which share a bathroom while the third, the master bedroom has its own bathroom and dressing room. All the villas have the luxury of private gardens and a swimming pool.

The homes were designed based on large volumes with movement among them, giving a sense of strength contrasting with the large sloping roofs of the double height living rooms that extend to form porches, providing enough light to achieve harmony in the proportions of the ensemble.


The plans for the hotel and apartment project were designed as a follow up to the project in the adjoining block M-29 in the same development. The hotel, with its simple refined lines, was designed with large interconnected spaces open to the golf course, which integrates both spaces. Designed on a plot measuring 15,503.25 m2, it has 82 rooms with a 5 star hotel category and 39 unit aparthotel. The project occupies 5,482 m2 of the plot and develops into a built area totalling 11,990 m2.

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  • Location: España
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