We have developed various housing projects in La Zagaleta complex. Each of the projects has a different style and layout befitting their integration into their respective plots of land. This yields a unique and individual design for each house with the exclusivity that is striven for in this complex.

In all the designs, regardless of their final style, emphasis has been placed on the proper spatial functioning of the housing and its integration into the environment. Each home is the result of meetings, discussions, analysis and interpretation with individual clients to ensure that their requirements are met and developed with our distinctive architectural style.

This project, located in the prestigious La Zagaleta complex, involved integrating adaptation to an environment and its unique characteristics as well as creating functional, light and airy spaces; using architecture as a tool to achieve a goal and provoke sensations.

A symbiosis is created between uses, the building and its landscape, providing harmony between the colours and textures of the different spaces in pursuit of equilibrium between architecture and landscape. As a result, this harmony creates an architectural space in which the choice of materials, their proper juxtaposition within proportioned spaces, their integration into the garden and other outdoor areas, their use in winter/summer and their incorporation into the natural landscape determine the core principal of this plan.

  • Category: Proyectos
  • Location: España
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