The central concept of Quinta Dos Ganchos focuses on developing a new, more active form of tourism, offering products that contribute to diversification by introducing freedom from restrictions of different seasons and, above all, to the establishment of a stable population. Health, sport, leisure, tourism, culture and business are the core focus in the realization of this future development.

Golf courses, marinas and sports marinas, an equestrian club, a racquet club and multisport gym with spa were designed, along with cultural spaces, an exhibition and convention centre, hotels, shopping centres, schools, health centres and residential areas. Together they will ensure a production chain that will sustain the development perpetually. The master plan was drafted with a serious commitment to the environment and ethics, encouraging the growth of values and responsibilities within the operating environment.

This design covers an area measuring 12,640,727 m2. A permanently protected environmental area of 1,061,248 m2 was set aside, and 2,101,317 m2 was allocated for green spaces, 798,307 m2 for water slides, 1,460,344 m2 for the road system, 691,714 m2 for large facilities and services; 4,739,370 m2 for single family residences and 1,788,427 m2 for housing complexes.

“Creating a style with an eye on local heritage is always innovative.”

  • Category: Urbanismo
  • Location: Brasil
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