The hotel is situated opposite the clubhouse and is surrounded by the Islantilla Golf Resort course. The basic remit was to soften the visual impact of the building and integrate it with its environment. The 20,500 m2 building and 204 rooms are arranged around the lobby and reception area in the centre, then lead out onto a large courtyard. The rest of the building branches out from this centre, which turns and varies in height to achieve movement both in layout and in elevation, resulting in large open and enclosed spaces created by the architecture itself.

There are four floors at the building’s maximum height, which lowers as the branches extend out towards the golf course. These branches create and enclose two large open spaces.

The first consists of the restaurant and bar, which open out onto the golf course via porches, terraces and gardens. The second one, comprising the rooms, is a large open space with a pool, gardens and terraces. There are also a large open bar and indoor pool that enjoy great views of the large central garden.

The architectural style is shaped by strong colonial features and elements of contemporary architecture. The ground floor forms a large basement with robust elements. The upper floors are treated more lightly, with wooden framed cantilevered terraces that end over great flights of pitched roofs, which act as an integrating element for the different heights of the building and offer a homogeneous reading of the ensemble.

  • Category: Espacios Comerciales
  • Location: España
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