“Architecture that is capable of arousing emotions, universally recognised as beautiful, not just in the aesthetic or practical sense, but also in the sense that it arouses feelings deep in the soul”

The consolidation of La Alcaidesa complex, located in Campo de Gibraltar, as well as the creation of a second golf course, generated the need for a clubhouse to unify the two courses, creating a hub of social activity for the entire development.

With a very ambitious brief, this project measures approximately 3,500 m2. Located atop a hill, it becomes the centre of gravity for 36 holes. Given its location and importance, we decided to give it a strong character. Climatic conditions and the diversity of possible uses necessitated the use of large, solid volumes and protective walls with appropriate openings to frame the most interesting perspectives of the landscape.

The central element is a raised circular courtyard that leads first to the rooms dedicated purely to golf, such as the changing rooms, pro shop and caddie master, as well as the club offices, which are located on an upper floor overlooking the countryside. On the other side, this courtyard leads to the restaurant area and multipurpose rooms, which have independent entrances so they can be used for various events without interfering with the club’s activities.

  • Category: Espacios Comerciales
  • Location: España
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