This house was designed for a plot on the exclusive La Quinta de Sierra Blanca complex in Marbella. Located in one of the highest areas of Marbella, and because of the low construction density of the complex and its surroundings, which are rich in trees and greenery, the property offers excellent uninterrupted views of the coast. This was a decisive factor in the house’s orientation and interior layout.

The family and social areas are on one floor, so it was possible to install large, visible roofs, giving a sense of great height and visual spaciousness. These rooms are integrated and connected through glazed courtyards and semienclosed spaces with free standing volumes that intuitively lead to other parts of the building, providing visual depth and a greater sense of space.

On the other side, a large two storey volume was designed to house the more private areas of the house. On the ground floor, two rooms act volumetrically as the foundation for the top floor, which houses the master bedroom. The guest annex is reached via the hallway that connects the rooms on the ground floor. This was planned as guest quarters on one floor, linked to the main house with roofs and patios enclosed by walls that hug the main dwelling. The courtyards of the house are at basement level, providing natural light to the spaces which house an indoor pool and a spa area.

The volumes and their mainly horizontal movement extend crosswise along the width of the plot, leaving large front gardens and openings to porches that facilitate outdoor life in its large spaces, which in turn link the elements of the ensemble. These front gardens lead onto a large garden and end at the infinity pool that marks the horizon and sea views.

  • Category: Arquitectura Residencial
  • Location: España
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