“A work of architecture needs: time, for the space and its use to be understood, for its forms to be assimilated, for it to be integrated into space; and proportion, in order for it to acquire a timeless quality.”

Located on the edge of the golf course in Vera, Almería, in Spain, this development consists of four blocks with a total of 54 homes built on a plot measuring 8,846 m2. This is a complex that was clearly designed as a second home, which is related with holidays, golf, sea and family. The characteristics of the site inspired the creation of a building with influences from Mexican architecture mixed with the Andalusian architecture that is typical of this desert area.

Large volumes and iconic architectural elements were designed, creating shadows between them and integrating the ensemble to create a single entity, avoiding the appearance of four isolated blocks. The cantilevers, walls, pillars and beams intermingle and frame large visual openings from each room, enhancing the views of the golf course and the natural landscape, which has been integrated into the development. The landscaping creates liaisons between the architecture and natural landscape of the area.

The blocks are divided into 80 m2 apartments with two bedrooms and 84 m2 maisonettes, all with large porches and terraces that create usable outdoor areas. They were positioned so that residents can enjoy the outdoors and stunning views of the central garden and pool, which were designed to integrate with the golf course.

This complex of 48 apartments in three blocks was developed in the plot U.E.R. 2 measuring 8,455 m2 in the urban complex Valle del Este Resort in Vera, Almería, in Spain. The structures were distributed throughout the plot in three blocks forming an L shape, optimising the views of the golf course from all the homes and creating a large central garden area, platforms and a pool, all of which contribute to the integration of the golf course into the development.

The blocks have three floors and contain two types of homes: 42 two bedroom units and six three bedroom units. We chose an architectural style that integrates the whole with big interconnected volumes. Large continuous, cantilevered terraces were designed within the motion of the facades. These terraces act as the centrepiece of the complex and offer a continuous, horizontal reading, extending the architecture and making it simple and sober instead of a highly perforated vertical reading full of sporadic protrusions.

  • Category: Arquitectura Colectiva
  • Location: España
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