This project for three apartment blocks was developed on a plot measuring 5,030 m2 situated between Calle Esteve Pila and Calle Ramón Casas in Sant Cugat del Vallès. The blocks were arranged in a U shape so that the houses overlook a large central garden with a swimming pool. Two shorter blocks were arranged along the east and west sides of the plot and a longer block along the north with views to the south. The long block covers an area measuring over 1,079 m2, and each shorter block covers 415 m2, leaving 3,121 m2 for gardens and platforms.

Each block consists of five floors plus penthouses. There are three apartments per floor in the shorter blocks (with a maisonette apartment in each) and eight apartments per floor in the long block, where six of the top floor dwellings are penthouse maisonettes. The core concept of this development was to create elements that give an impression of horizontality to visually reduce the height of the buildings. Cantilevered volumes were also created to provide shade for the facades and promote the horizontal interpretation of the complex. This was achieved with large curved balconies that soften the linearity of the buildings. Materials and colours were also chosen to create the visual lightness that results from the blend of all the architectural elements used.

This development of 90 homes in nine blocks is located on the corner of Calle Esteve Pila and Calle Pere Serra in Sant Cugat del Vallès. The plot where the nine detached blocks are located measures 12,618 m2 in area, and of that the blocks occupy an area measuring 3,820 m2, leaving 8,800 m2 of green areas and open spaces.

Each block has three floors with four apartments per floor, the two central ones being maisonettes. The apartments measure 118 m2 and the maisonettes 121 m2. The complex is divided into five detached blocks in the north of the plot and four in the south. The central area houses communal gardens and a large pool.

The main concept of this project was to create a feeling of detached dwellings with the blocks, avoiding the hardness of strictly urban architecture. This was achieved with the elevation of each building and the interconnection between the buildings through large green spaces and platforms. The facades are mainly brick with large openings for windows and spacious cantilevered terraces that add depth to the building. A strong sense of horizontal alignment was achieved by reducing the vertical scale of the blocks, which were crowned with hipped roofs with large cantilevers that act as a counterpoint and convey the sense of architectural softness that has been achieved in this complex.

  • Category: Arquitectura Colectiva
  • Location: España
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